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The Challenge

641 Homes started several years ago as the modern home division of Pic-A-Dilly construction. Their branding needed to reflect who they are as a business, so a sleek and modern visual identity was developed. Their website was developed to be simply navigated by the end user and to take the stress out of building a house for the first time.

old website

The Solution

Helium developed the original website, and on March 30th launched a new website for 641. This new, updated website provides all of the same information in a fresh package. To celebrate the new website and the timing, an Easter egg hunt campaign was launched on March 21st in partnership with Charity Faye Spa, another Helium client. Helium also manages social media and other ongoing marketing efforts for 641 Homes.

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Video
  • Social media management
  • Strategy
  • Ad management
  • Ongoing support