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Fehrway Feeds

Fehrway Feeds has a tremendous focus on providing their customers with the best. From animal feed to fences, yard tools and much more, Fehrway has something for everyone.

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The Challenge

Fehrway Feeds has experienced long time success, because they understood where they wanted to be in the future and the hurdles they needed to overcome to get there. This included establishing themselves in additional feed markets, and extending their sales reach. Their website was a large piece of this puzzle. They needed something they could use as a communication tool that would be simple to keep up to date.

The Solution

Helium created a website that communicates all of the details that Fehrway Feeds’ customers need to know. The robust information set is simply managed through the Wordpress Content Management System. This allows them to add/edit/remove information on products, as well as any other information as it changes in regards to the business. Fehrway Feeds is equipped now better than ever to move forward with clear and concise communication to serve their online customers.